Have a question with Flash Gallery Maker? You can find the correct answer from this support center

Welcome to Flash Gallery Maker Online Support Center. Flash Gallery Maker is an outstanding flash slide show maker that can create SWF slideshows, make flash albums, and build flash gallery.

You can get general guides on how to use Flash Gallery Maker from the Help document built in the program. On the main window of Flash Gallery Maker, click on the menu “Help > Help”, or just simply press the F1 button on the keyboard.

1. What can I do with Flash Gallery Maker?

A: Obviously, Flash Gallery Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use photo flash maker and photo gallery maker. For individual, It can build your photo collection into vivid animated photo flash and photo slideshow, just like amazing movie. So you can own your own photo gallery to show your personality and interests. In meanwhile you are also can burn your photo flash show into gift CD/DVD share with your friends/family, upload to Go2Album (our provided free web alum host service) or embed into social networking website like myspace, facebook, blogger to share around the world. For business person, you can use this software to create animate product presentation to attract more customers or make your own flash banner for commercial website.

2. In what kind of situation should I adopt this program to complete my work?

A: This software can help you fulfill many tasks such as creating animated photo flash show, web album and online web photo gallery so as to preserve your wonderful memory. So it is nicknamed Memory Keeper, building your own webpage with vivid and dynamic flash without having any knowledge about flash, promoting your excellent product by product animation.

3. How many photos can be added to one slideshow?

A: There is no limit on the quantity of photos in one flash slideshow created by Flash Gallery Maker. However, the more photos you put into the slideshow, the longer it may take to encode the flash. If you want to make a gift CD/DVD, you have to take the disc capacity into consideration. One CD-R or CD-RW is capable of storing 650 ~ 700 MB files, while one standard DVD disc is with about 4.7 GB of storage capacity.

4. What types of image formats are supported?

A: Flash Gallery Maker supports image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP.

5. What is the difference between registered version and free-trial version?

A: To enable our users better experience Flash Gallery Maker before they buy the program, we offer all users a free trial, which has no functional limits, only with watermark on every slide of the flash slideshow.

You can buy a license to register the program. The watermark will be removed after registration.

6. Is there any way to merge a flash slideshow (in .swf format) and a clip of video together?

A: No. Flash Gallery Maker does not support merging slideshow and video at present.

For an alternative solution, you can use another of our program, Photo DVD Maker. This program allows you to create multiple albums in one slideshow, including video clips.

7. What can Flash Gallery Maker do to help me build a website?

A: You can use Flash Gallery Maker to create photo scroll bar, photo banner, and flash slideshows. And if you need to publish lots of photos in your website, Flash Gallery Maker provides an easy way and lots of professional templates for building a dynamic XML-driven flash photo gallery.

8. Do I need any flash knowledge to make my photo gallery, and how to publish my photo flash slow and flash photo movie?

A: Flash Gallery Maker, also can be named flash movie maker, flash slideshow builder, flash slideshow creator, photo gallery maker, is an easy-to-use tool with excellent customer experience. If you have a try on it, I think you will love it more than ever. In all, this software user can run and operate this program without any flash skills or any other expertise.

You can publish your photo slideshow and photo gallery in three means: burn into gift CD/DVD to playback on home DVD player or computer DVD player; Create flash file only to show with your friends via sending to your own personal website; Create flash file and upload to Go2Ablum to share with your friends instantly or embed them in your blog or some other social networking website such as mysapce, blogger.

9. Can I edit my photo in this software and Can you explain to me what is flash template or how flash templates come into effect.

A: This software only offers some basic edition function to users such as rotate, add text/hyperlink/art clips, select transition effect and set transition duration and slide show duration.

Within this software, Flash template is a kind of flash that defines how flash photo gallery will be presented to us, it is just a kind of style definition, through the configuration of its properties, you can save your own flash template for future use.

If You want to tailor-make your own photo flash gallery, all that you need to do is to select one flash template(including advanced template and 3D flash template).

10. Under "Theme" tab, you can notice "Advanced" and "3D" theme mode, what is the difference between them?

A: "Advanced" theme mode is xml driven which can create an xml file and a set of image file. It can be customized for displaying photo gallery on website. With this mode, this software only has flash template of plane effect.

"3D" theme mode can provide a kind of 3-dimensional flash template, so the created photo gallery/slideshow has a better performance.