Flash Gallery Maker Free Version- a photo gallery and slideshow solution for website.

Flash Gallery Maker Free Version is a light-weight and easy-to-use flash creator. With this freeware, you can create flash slideshows with photos and music, in only a few steps. Using this photo slideshow freeware, you can burn flash-based photo gallery and flash slideshow, which can be embedded into personal webpage and blogger. Flash Gallery Maker Free Version (alias: Photo Flash Maker Freeware) offer its users such as photographers, webmasters, web designers, businessman a way to showcase their photo collections and product picture on their own website.

Three steps to burn photo gallery and photo slideshow.

1. Organize photos

Flash Gallery Maker Free Version (Photo Flash Maker Freeware) allows you to import photos from hard driver directly, or just drag and drop photos into this program, and you are able to organize photos in order according to your preference, conduct basic edition for photos such as adding text, hyperlink, clip arts and apply transition effects for each photos.

2. Choose flash theme

Flash Gallery Maker Free Version (Photo Flash Maker Freeware) provides users with plenty of flash templates. Moreover, along with upgrades of Flash Gallery Maker, more and more professional-looking templates will be added to this software. On basis of your need, you can choose appropriate template for your project.

3. Publish Photo Slideshow

Creating photo gallery and photo slideshow with Flash Gallery Maker Free Version (Photo Flash Maker Freeware) has never been so easy for average users. With Flash Gallery Maker Free Version, you can easily publish your slideshow project on personal webpage and blog, burn flash slideshow into gift CD/DVD to send to friends and family. Besides, Flash Gallery Maker is seamlessly integrated with Go2Album ( a free photo slideshow host), which allows you to upload photo slideshow to Go2Album for watching, and then embed flash slideshow to blog such as Blogger, Myspace, WordPress.

Photo Gallery Demo:

Download Flash Gallery Maker Free Version (Free Photo Flash Maker)

How to embed the standalone photo slideshow(in swf format) to webpage.

  1. 1. Copy the SWF file to the same folder as the HTML document.

  2. 2. In Dreamweaver, select the location of the page where you wish to add the Flash content (including inside a div, table cell or frame).

  3. 3. Click the Insert Flash button in Dreamweaver's Object palette, or choose Insert> Media > Flash. Browse to and choose the SWF file.

  4. 4. Upload both the SWF and HTML files to your Web server, placing them in the same directory.

Features of Free Photo Slideshow Maker

1. Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

2. Transition and flash templates are available for choice.

3. Generate standalone swf file, easy for embedding on website.

4. Several publishing method: embed in webpage, burn into gift cd/dvd, upload to go2album(a free photo album host and photo sharing website).