Creating Alumnus Photo Album with Flash Gallery Maker

Graduation is approaching now and all your classmates is going to walk out the university to look for their better life. During four-year's college life, you have experienced numerous happy moment with your classmates, attending class together, talking together, playing basketball and football together. Every bit of your happy life in college is recorded in your photos. Do you want to make them into flash slideshow so as to send it to your classmates as valuale gifts. By this way, the friendship and happiness in college will be kept forever and brought back your happy remembrance about college life into your mind whenever you are missing your college life very much.

Alumnus photo album demo:

Step 1: Make your own alumnus photo album

1: Add your alumnus photo collection

create alumnus photo flash slideshow

2: Select an appropriate transition effect for your flash slideshow

create classmate photo  flash slideshow

3: Choose flash templates

create alumnus  photo album

4: Publish alumnus photo album

create alumnus photo album

Step 2: Publish & share flash photo slideshow

Through the above-mentioned process, you are capable to make your own beautiful alumnus photo album. It is so easy, all you have to do is to click, no need to know any flash skill or knowledge. The next procedure that you need to know is about how to share your alumnus photo slideshow. And it is also very easy for you, because Flash Gallery Maker has provided you a intuitive wizard. You just follow the wizard step by step, then you can finish the publishing of alumnus photo album. After completing the publishing wizard, you will be lead to Go2Album website (a free photo album hosting service), in the right part of this page, you will offered with Html code looking like:

Copy the above html code and log on your blog, such as Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger or SNS websites like Yahoo 360, Myspace, FaceBook, then you can paste the html code into Html editor provided by those above-mentioned websites and publish your blog. In a second, your alumnus flash slideshow will be vividly showing.

In addition, This software also make you capable to upload the generate swf flash slideshow to your own personal website. Firstly, you should place the generated output folder to your website server directory, then find out and copy the html code like <object>...</object> in the generated html file, paste it the webpage location where you want flash slidesow to display. Furthermore, in order to help browsers to correctly locate swf file and xml file, you ought to edit the copied html code according to the path of these two files. Once you have completed those procedure,with your browser you are able to directly watch the flash slideshow.

That's so easy, Do you want to have a try. Please download Flash Gallery Maker, then make your valuable college life photo album to keep your happy and carefree campus life.